In a non-Ginger-related post…

I am continuing to feature readers who have purchased the pittie art for Charlotte…each person who bought this art has a special pittie in mind and I want to give each one a forum to sing the praises of their pittie!

Today’s featured reader is Melody and her baby boy, Kamanchi…

When I look at my (pittie) art it reminds me of one special little pittie and that is my very own pittie mix named Kamanchi who rescued me 7 years ago. He has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and  I am definitely a happier person because of him. No matter how bad the day, the moment I walk through that kitchen door and see his propeller tail and butt wiggle all the bad stuff is forgotten and I am simply just Kamanchi’s Mama.

Thanks for participating in our mini fundraiser for Charlotte, Melody! Kamanchi has one handsome smile!

* If you purchased the pittie piece from Kevin Stineheart and would like to be featured along with your pittie on the blog, please email me at {}. *