My bestie Deanna turned me on to an amazing artist recently…

Kevin Stinehart is an amazing artist out of South Carolina! According to Kevin, “seeing antique materials thrown out or burned violates my desire for a green world. I love the idea of giving materials new life as art, and making something that was nothing more than junk into something beautiful and desirable again.”

His philosophy about his art really rang true for me as someone who rescues dogs. So often dogs are thrown out as if they were trash. Once regarded as junk, dogs are able to become beautiful and desirable again with the help of animal rescues or just nice people who are willing to help them.

It was this thought that led me to ask Kevin to make me a special piece (yes, I commissioned a piece of art) to represent the beauty and hope of rescued dogs. Since Turk is a rescued pittie and we’re now pittie foster parents, I asked for a pittie piece. This is what Kevin came up with for me:

Isn’t it beautiful?! I love it so much! Every time I see it, I am reminded of my rescued pitties and all the rescued pitties I read about on my favorite blogs every day. It gives me hope. Luckily, you can acquire your very own pittie art through Kevin’s Etsy shop and be a part of something really cool…

Kevin kindly offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from any pittie pieces sold in his Etsy shop through the end of August to help with vet bills for Charlotte, a 3 month old pittie puppy who was found in the doorway of a church – alone, starving, and suffering from a severe case of mange. Charlotte’s story has spread throughout the dog/pittie/rescue community via her Facebook page and while many people have contributed to pay for her care, she still needs a lot of help.

Despite her rough start in life, she’s now recovering and even thriving thanks to the love of some humans who refused to give up on her.

Charlotte has $3,500 in vet bills for her treatment and needs the help of people like you to cover them. So far, about $2,600 has been raised. Why not buy a piece of art and help contribute to her care? If you can’t afford the art, please just head over to her Chipin page and donate what you can. Let’s see what we can do by the end of August to help Charlotte!

A big thanks to KEVIN STINEHART for offering up your amazing talents to help with Charlotte’s care!!! You are awesome!!

* If you like Kevin’s art and want to keep up with his newest art projects, like him on Facebook! *

* Photos of Kevin’s art courtesy of his Etsy shop. *

* Disclaimer: I purchased my pittie piece from Kevin Stinehart at full price. I am not receiving any perks or deals from Kevin  for mentioning this piece! I honestly love it, so that’s why I’m sharing it with you! *