As I’m sure you’ve all heard – Ginger has been adopted! We are sad to lose such a sweet dog but so happy that she can begin settling in for good with her new family.  In honor of Ginger’s adoption, Emily asked me to share my thoughts on the fostering process.

In case you haven’t have guessed, I’m the realistic, critical thinker and Emily is the dreamer/idealist. So, when Emily saw a dog that was too sweet to be put down, she jumped at the opportunity without worrying about how everything would work out. I, on the other hand, worried about the details.

Where will we put another kennel? How will our dogs interact with her? Is it smart to let another female into the family voting process (you know Rufus would sell me out in a heartbeat if we were deadlocked)? Somewhat begrudgingly, I agreed that we could bring her home as long as it was FOR SURE a temporary thing.

The timing was great since Emily has been home during the days and able to leave all the dogs out, and give them lots of time to get used to each other. Emily was able to get Ginger back into shape and ready for a new family. While the dogs got along really well, there were a few hiccups along the way, mainly at meal times. Ginger didn’t like to share, but by simply noting this and altering our meal time process, we were able to keep the dogs separated and keep the house at peace. It actually was really fun seeing Ginger and Turk wrestle around on the floor, each one trying to stay on the carpet so they wouldn’t slide around on the wood floor. Now that I think about it, the way Ginger would throw her extra 20 lbs around “leaning” Turk off the carpet, it was a lot like watching a Sumo wrestling competition.

After the first month passed and we saw a couple of potential adopters come and go, I began to get worried that this adoption thing wasn’t ever going to happen and we might become a permanent three dog house. But as Emily was often told by other fosters, the moment you believe it’s not going to happen, BAM! You blink and it’s all over – she’s gone!

Will I miss Ginger? Absolutely. She was so much fun to have around most of the time. Do I love having a more peaceful house? Absolutely. I like to come home and unwind in a somewhat peaceful house. Am I ready to have a new foster dog? No… at least not yet. Emily is ready to go find the next dog available and bring her home but I’d like to take some time to regroup. We are planning to take Turk to Canine Good Citizen classes because I’d really like to get a better handle on him before we have another foster in the house. But I think after a little bit of time, we’ll be ready to take on our next challenge.