Our Waldo Bungie is made up of one couple, two dogs and their bungalow in the heart of Kansas City.

The Couple: Daniel is the pragmatic handyman with an affinity for making up silly songs. Emily is the creative, “big picture” girl with a intense love for dogs with big, blocky heads. Together, Daniel and Emily tackle DIY projects, foster pit bulls, and seek out their next big adventure.

The Dogs:
Turk is a happy-go-lucky pit bull mix, although he can be a bit grumpy when it comes to his foster siblings. At five years old, Turk passed his intermediate training class and we hope to take him through Canine Good Citizen training in the future. Turk loves hot dogs, Daniel, and going on walks.

Rufus is our curmudgeonly chihuahua-jack russell mix. Although he was an affectionate and social puppy, by age one Rufus decided he was, in fact, a cat and settled into his role as the Clint-Eastwood-in-Gran-Torino character of our home. Rufus loves sunbathing, cleaning himself, and baby carrots.

Welcome to our crazy life – thanks for joining us!