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Alex H. recently purchased the pittie art from Kevin Stineheart and shared his story with me about what it means to him. Check it out…

Pittie art to me serves as a memorial to all pit bulls. I see this and think of my own dog Fred, all the pits at the shelter waiting to find a forever home, and all the pits that are abused, neglected, forced to fight, and faced with a life of not knowing what love is.  I will be hanging this art next to my bed.  It will be one of the first things I see when I wake up and one of the last before I go to sleep.  It will allow me to start the day with a smile, thinking of how wonderful pitties are. At night, it will put the days’ negative events into perspective. It will also serve as a reminder that there will always be pit bulls at the shelter where I volunteer that need to be loved, walked, and given the attention that only a breed nicknamed “America’s Dog” deserves.

Don’t Alex and Fred make a dashing pair? Thanks so much for sharing your story, Alex! It is so encouraging to see how many people love pitties just as much (maybe MORE!) than I do and are doing their part to spread the good word about them! Oh! I almost forgot! Alex has his own blog, Wiggling Worms and Wagging Tails, that you should definitely check out!

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In a non-Ginger-related post…

I am continuing to feature readers who have purchased the pittie art for Charlotte…each person who bought this art has a special pittie in mind and I want to give each one a forum to sing the praises of their pittie!

Today’s featured reader is Melody and her baby boy, Kamanchi…

When I look at my (pittie) art it reminds me of one special little pittie and that is my very own pittie mix named Kamanchi who rescued me 7 years ago. He has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and  I am definitely a happier person because of him. No matter how bad the day, the moment I walk through that kitchen door and see his propeller tail and butt wiggle all the bad stuff is forgotten and I am simply just Kamanchi’s Mama.

Thanks for participating in our mini fundraiser for Charlotte, Melody! Kamanchi has one handsome smile!

* If you purchased the pittie piece from Kevin Stineheart and would like to be featured along with your pittie on the blog, please email me at {}. *

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