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Because I am pretty sure I have a super-radar for picking the medically neediest dogs ever, Turk was just diagnosed with a nasty skin infection that is a result of letting an allergic rash go too long without medical treatment. Yep. I am a terrible dog owner who lets her dog suffer needlessly….well, for the record, I didn’t ignore it but I did try to treat it myself with over-the-counter hot spot spray.

Here is Turk letting me know what an awful mama I am, with full on Comfy Cone face…

As if I wouldn’t put myself through enough guilt and anxiety for causing Turk’s pain, my vet bill served as a reminder that trying to treat a rash yourself will bite you in the butt pocketbook in the end. The rash was most likely caused by an allergic reaction to something in the air – like mold that grows on tree leaves. Apparently that’s a big problem in Kansas City. To deal with the current ailments, Turk is on a couple different prescriptions, and to prevent future issues, he was also prescribed a cortisone spray for flare-ups and a medicated shampoo as well. And just to be safe, we’re switching Turk to a Limited Ingredient Diet and using the hypoallergenic Pill Pockets for awhile to rule out a food allergy.

With the different medications for Turk, switching Turk & Lucy to a different food than Rufus, and the supplements all of the dogs get each day, I was afraid I would have trouble keeping it straight. So what did this anal-retentive freak super organized grad student do? Why, I made a food & supplement schedule, of course!

Now I know exactly how much fish oil, apple cider vinegar (thanks Married with Dawgs!), probiotics, and PlaqueOff (seaweed) to give, which medications go to whom, and how much food to divvy up each mealtime. Whew. Now I just have to try to remember to take my own meds! Oh, and in case you’re wondering about those adorable little Turk & Ginger magnets, here’s a closer look…

Aren’t they awesome?!?! They were a birthday gift from my dear friend Crystal and were made by Kathleen Henn, a local artist. The little sayings on the magnets just capture Turk and Ginger Rogers so perfectly, I am thinking of having one made for Rufus, Ginger Jr., and Miss Lucy Lou as well. If you would like a magnet of your own pooch (or kitty or ferret or rabbit), you can email her at {}.

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