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Dear Lucy Lou,

I still can’t believe you have been gone with your new furever family for a week already! It has been so quiet around here without you. From the moment you arrived, you let us know that you wanted to be the center of attention…and everyone immediately fell in love with your gorgeous face!

The life of the party shouldn't be stuck in the kitchen!

You kindly showed us your modeling skills, posing for the trusty camera of Amy from Fido Fetch Photography and for me so I could show off your Sirius Republic collar and flower!

You made friends wherever you went, from the weekly pack walks to the  St. Patty’s Day Fun Run and the Brookside Barkery Paw-rade. You even had lots of eligible fur-bachelors vying for your love on Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Fido Fetch Photography

Your facial expressions are probably my favorite thing about you. You always made how you were feeling abundantly clear, like when you went through the five stages of grief after I made you wear a backpack for the first time…

…or when I told you that scary story about how some people want to ban pit bulls…

…how you felt about getting stuck in rush hour traffic…

…and finally, how you felt about the dreaded bathies.

You even managed to convince me to take a week off just to snuggle with you after you showed me this face… (okay, I had the week off for spring break anyways, but this face probably could have swayed me regardless!)

I am so glad to have spent these past two months with you – you have so much love to give, and I felt honored to be the recipient of your devotion.

I was worried that we would have a hard time finding the right family for you – a family that would be mindful of your allergies and be patient enough to work with you on training so you can be the best dog I know you can be. But most importantly, I really wanted to find you a fur-sibling to play with. You love to play so much, and the best that Turk and Rufus would give you was a co-naptime.

But then we met Carrie & Jason and their fur-kid, Chunga, for a trial intro to see how everyone got along. You were a little leery of Chunga at first, but after a few minutes, it was like you and Chunga had been best friends your whole lives – you wrestled and sat on each other and wore each other out! While you were playing, I found out about how Chunga has similar allergies to you so Carrie & Jason know exactly what to feed you, and even better, Carrie is a general manager at Petco so she will shower you with all kinds of toys and treats! You had the biggest pittie smile on your face – and I knew in that moment that they were your furever family.

I am so proud of how far you have come and I know that you will do awesome with your new family – your new mom even mentioned that she is planning on taking you through canine good citizen training! Good luck, Lucy Lou! I love you and will miss you like crazy!


Your Foster Mama


On Friday, Knox, the sweet, goofy, loving ambassadog from Pittieful Love, passed away after a short battle with a serious medical issue.

This post is a memoriam to Knox, and a tribute to his ever-loving family, Jessica & Brian.

Even though we never got the chance to meet him in person, we know that Knox was an amazing dog. He served as a great foster brother to many a dog, was a doggie-blood-donor, a breed ambassador, and above all, a loving dog.

Knox’s life was cut way too short by a completely unexpected illness and his loss will be felt forever by his family and friends. We ask that you please not comment on this blog post, but instead go over to Pittieful Love’s Facebook Page and leave them some kind words; a thoughtful message of support and hope to help them through this very difficult time.

RIP Knox. May, 2009 – February 3, 2012.

Run free. sweet boy. We love you.

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