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What a week! I swear this summer is flying by so fast – I am sending out my resume like crazy and hope something will turn up soon. So while I wait, let’s dedicate a little time to the random…

1. I bought this little kitchen cart on Tuesday. I bought some Sun Yellow High Gloss Rust-o-leum spray paint on Wednesday. They shall meet this weekend in what I hope will be an epic revamp. Fingers crossed.

2. Polly Pocket is scheduled to attend doggy daycare at A Dog’s Fun Playce for a few days next week. While Polly is pretty good with other dogs, she can be a bit picky about her playmates. I am anxious to see how she will do. I am hoping it goes really well because this goofball could use some doggy playtime stat.

3. Speaking of Polly, she proved to be a fantastic TV-watching buddy when I was home sick yesterday. She became enamored with the drama on Dawson’s Creek (season 2, ya’ll) and, like me, is Team Pacey all the way.

4. I realize that I am posting quite a few iPhone photos lately. I promise I will get back to regular camera pictures soon…like as soon as I can find my camera. But I will say this, the iPhone comes in handy when you need to capture a milestone moment before it passes you by… like when Turk allowed Rufus to sit on his bed for the first time!

We have a busy weekend planned – more packing, DIY’ing, and a KC Pittie Pack walk at the Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park! What are you up to this weekend?

PS – Have you voted in the Bloggers Make Good contest yet? I am competing to win a $1,000.00 grant for Unleashed Pet Rescue and a $500 prize to continue my own pit bull advocacy efforts. 

PPS – Polly Pocket is still available for adoption – check out her profile on Petfinder!

If you have more than one dog in your house, you have probably noticed that one dog will teach the other dog(s) different tricks and habits they have learned over the years. For instance, Reese is teaching McMuffin and Chick is teaching Dude about how important it is to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Well, Rufus recently taught Lucy Lou about how to stay physically fit. Rufus has always maintained a healthy weight, riding the line between 9 and 10 pounds once he was full grown.He attributes this to several things, including regular walks…

Taking time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life…

And most importantly, Rufus believes in incorporating physical activity into everyday tasks, like taking his meals. Rather than just eating his food out of the bowl, like a normal dog, Rufus will take one piece of kibble and walk it over to the other side of the house to eat it. He repeats this with all of his kibble pieces, making his meal take ten bazillion times longer than everyone else’s. But, Rufus maintains that the extra steps he takes to accomplish this process negates any calories he takes in from his food, thus helping him to remain at a healthy weight. Lucy Lou is taking Rufus’ advice very seriously, taking regular walks and finding time to relax, but she is too impatient to eat her meals one piece of kibble at a time. So instead, she has taken to doing push-ups mid-bite to maintain her muscular physique.

Sigh…the things a girl has to do to stay fit…

If you want Lucy Lou to teach you everything she knows about physical fitness, consider adopting her! Contact me at {} to inquire!

In my quest to find simple, healthy, pup-approved treats to stuff in the Kongs, I’m taste testing various fruit & veggie combinations.

As you can see, today’s combo consisted of half a banana, a handful of blueberries, a drizzle of local honey and some plain yogurt.

There was enough of the mixture to fill both the Squirrel and Kong Extreme with extra leftover for an individual pupsicle cup!

Yes, that is frost on the squirrel and Kong – we keep them in the freezer now. So now any time we open the freezer, the dogs come tearing into the kitchen and expect a yummy treat. Talk about Pavlovian Response…

In case you want to experiment with some recipe for your own dog, here is a list of fruits, veggies, and condiments that are safe and dog-approved.

Fruits: Apples (as long as you remove the seeds), blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, pears, mangoes, and watermelons.

Veggies: Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, green beans, broccoli, parsley, most leafy vegetables, and zucchini.

Condiments: plain yogurt, peanut butter, cottage cheese or honey. Mashed up lentils will work as well to bind the fruits or veggies together.

Test your own recipe and let me know what combo YOUR dog prefers!

** Please keep in mind that, as with any treats, you should only feed them to your dogs in moderation! If you haven’t been feeding fruits and veggies to your dog, then please introduce it slowly to your pooches’ diet. **

We didn’t have great luck with our garden last year, except for a bounty of tomatoes.

This year, we tried growing all of our veggies and flowers from seed.

We were so excited that we may have started a few too many seeds…and then planted a few too many of them in the garden…ugh.

With the weird weather (really hot then really cool then back to being hot again) and a crowded garden box, we haven’t had too much luck.

Our lettuce is a bit leggy, no tomatoes are growing in the back, and the pepper plants are naked. The broccoli was a major fail.

On the plus side, the scallions are growing nicely as well as the Savory herbs and the marigolds. We also planted one more tomato plant on the deck, which has a few little tomato babies that are coming along nicely.

Oh, and our raspberry bush is growing by leaps and bounds. I’ve spied about five little raspberries growing…can’t wait to eat them!

We also have high hopes for the zucchini and yellow squash we planted.

It may be too early to tell if our garden was a complete failure. We pulled out the broccoli and moved some of the more crowded veggies around. Hopefully, that was all our garden needed to turn around. We’ll update you later this summer…

Oh, and by the way, have you checked out our guest post on Two Pitties in the City? If not, get over there and leave a comment – I could win a donation to the animal shelter of my choice!!

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