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While Turk and Rufus love us very much, I wouldn’t say they are 100% devoted to us… unless there is peanut butter involved. Throw in some baby carrots and fish oil, and there is nothing our dogs wouldn’t do for us. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not proud, I know how to clinch their devotion… so I created my own mini pup pops.

In a blender, I combined peanut butter, bananas, fish oil, carrots, and goat’s milk. Then I used a 99-cent IKEA ice cube tray to make pup-pops – perfectly sized to pop into a Kong for a delicious frozen treat.

Turk, Rufus, and Polly got their first taste of the pup pops last night… and for just a little bit, they were all hopelessly devoted to me.

Is your dog hopelessly devoted to you? Or do you need to bribe them like I do?

* Thank you for all of your sweet comments to Ginger Rogers and her adoptive family! While still very sick, the vet is hopeful she will recover. She gets to come home from the vet today.

** Also, thank you to each and every one of you who voted for me in the Bloggers for Good contest! It appears that I won the contest, although they are still tallying the votes, so nothing is official yet. As soon as everything is official, I will announce how I plan to use the $500 cash prize!

Remember this pretty girl?


Ginger Rogers has been living the good life since January with her adoptive family – mom and dad Aaron & Jenny and fur-siblings Karma, Kali, and Princess. I have received updates from time-to-time from Jenny about Ginger’s antics, whether it was her over dramatic reactions to thunderstorms or her attempts to sneak extra food between meals.

Ginger’s life with Aaron & Jenny has been better than I could have ever hoped for her – I know she is greatly loved and given every amenity for a life of leisure. But unfortunately, her life has taken a serious turn recently. I got a text from Jenny on Friday alerting me that Ginger was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. In a panic, I googled “liver disease in dogs.” As I read the first few articles in the search results, tears began to well up in my eyes. Liver disease is painful and difficult to treat after a certain point. Aaron told me that they wouldn’t have even known something was wrong if it hadn’t been for Ginger not eating.

A trip to the vet revealed liver disease, and Ginger was whisked away to an isolation unit in case it was caused by leptospira. She is being released back to Aaron & Jenny today to be treated at home. The vet gave her a 50/50 chance of survival, but Aaron & Jenny are remaining positive that Ginger can make it through this. Can you please leave a note of encouragement to Aaron, Jenny, and Ginger to let them know you are thinking of them? It would mean a lot to know that our community, who has known Ginger for a year now, is thinking of them!

Polly is available for adoption through Heart of America Humane Society.

Polly Pocket here to share with you about my limits. You may not realize this (apparently foster mama didn’t*), but some dogs have limits as to how much they can handle before they go berserker and melt into a puddle of drool and stress toots.

You see, the thing is that I am just getting the hang of being part of a family in a house let alone out in the big bad world! So while I am finally able to be calm and hang out with Foster Mama and Foster Daddy (and Turkey and Rufus), I get really anxious when we leave the comfort of Foster House. I see other doggies and I go bark, bark, bark to let them know that I am not scared but very TOUGH. Sometimes I even bark at doggies who I know are my friends, like Dante.

Yesterday I met up with Dante and his Mama, Amy of Fido Fetch Photography, at the Suds of Fun charity dog wash for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Foster Mama had thought this event would be a good way to both get me a bath and market me to potential furever families at the same time. She knew there would be some challenges though, since many of the factors involved in this outing pushed my limits: (1) Lots of dogs; (2) Lots of people – most of which were not paying attention to me; and (3) bath time (shudder). As soon as we got out of the car I started bark, bark, barking to let everyone know that I had arrived and that I am very TOUGH. I thought Foster Mama would appreciate that I was announcing our arrival, but she looked really embarrassed. She even tried to lure me from my hyper-attentive state with hot dogs, but seriously? I am a terrier, lady…it takes more than a hot dog to break MY focus. So instead of walking around and sniffing other dogs’ butts (which was making me feel growly), we found a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle where Foster Mama made me “sit,” and she petted me when I was quiet. When it was time for my bath, we had to take this twist-y turn-y way into the bath time building because she didn’t want me to bark or lunge at anyone’s dog. Once inside, I faced death in the face the dreaded bathtub. I made sure to give Foster Mama my surliest glare to show her how I felt about bath time. Then she tickled underneath my chin and made me smile just a little before letting Amy snap this photo – tricked!

After my brush with death bath, Foster Mama got me some brisket for being so brave and took me back to a quiet spot away from the other doggies and let me eat just enough to not get sick, but enough to make my tummy warm and full and happy. I was a little upset when she gave a couple of bites to Dante, but she told me that he was her favorite hot dog, and I needed to chill out.

After my brisket, I calmed down enough to walk around to look at the different booths for a little bit. Some people’s dog’s were on retractable leashes, and a few times those dogs were out reeeeeeaaaallllly far on the leash and would just get up in my face! IN. MY. FACE! But luckily, Foster Mama and Amy were keeping a close eye out for me so Amy ran interference with Dante a few times and Foster Mama knew to redirect my focus if I started to get growly. One time, she even redirected my focus with a teeny tiny pup cone from Sheridan’s(my new favorite thing). I love the ice creams but not the cone, so I gave that part to Dante. See? I can share.

When I finished my cone, Foster Mama felt like I had done enough for the day and chauffeured me back to Foster House.  She told me that I had “made some strides” but we still have a lot to work on. Walking around by the end of the night without barking or snapping at any dogs – good. Trying to hide between a hunky firefighter’s legs for three minutes because I was nervous – not so good. But honestly, can you blame me on that one?

* Foster Mom here – although Polly doesn’t think so, we do recognize that she has some boundary issues when out in public. I do want to help her work through those though, which is why I took her to this event. I was very careful to read her signs and take her away from the group when she was feeling overstimulated. The firefighter though – she beelined for him. Not sure what I could have done.

** Polly Pocket is still available for adoption – see her profile here!

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