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This weekend was the Great KC Pet Expo in Overland Park, KS (a suburb of Kansas City). The event brought together vendors from all over the United States, rescue groups, and pet owners of all kinds to one place to celebrate pets!

Crystal from Wayward Dogs and I met up on Sunday to check out the event and cheer on our friend Amy, who had her own booth for her dog photography business, Fido Fetch Photography.

In addition to Amy’s dog-tography booth, there were countless other vendors hocking their wares or services, from custom collars & leashes to all-natural dog treats to pet boarding. I was super impressed with all of the products made by local small businesspeople, such as the adorable Waggiewear Collars from Kansas City…

Chew Gourmet Dog Bones from St. Joseph, MO…

Rupert’s Simply Smoochable from Kansas City…

Also, EuroDog Designs from Lawrence, KS, where I bought this beautiful leash (on sale!) for Rufus…they had beautiful leather collars and leashes that smelled so amazing, it took me back to when I used to ride horses as a young girl.

There were also several animal rescues there, including T.A.R.A., Missouri German Shepherd Rescue, and the newest Kansas City pit bull rescue, Midwest Adopt-a-Bull. Unfortunately, due to a breed ban in Overland Park, the Midwest Adopt-a-Bulls group was unable to bring any adoptable dogs with them to the event, so they focused on getting new volunteers signed up and raising money for their foster dogs.

The Canine Stars, who have been featured on Animal Planet, were doing exhibitions at the event as well. I was bummed that the seven dog pit bull team was barred from attending due to the breed ban, but luckily, the other dogs were entertaining enough to almost make up for it. For example, this Red Heeler, who could jump over a 64 inch hurdle into his trainer’s arms!

We also saw lots and lots of people with their dogs at the event – I couldn’t resist photographing a few!

The Great KC Pet Expo was excellent and Crystal and I had a blast meeting the different vendors and discussing various dog-related topics. I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks about a few of the local vendors we met and some of the products I brought home to try with Turk & Rufus. Plus, we already have one giveaway in the works, so stay tuned!



With Lucy Lou officially adopted, we’re going to take a break from fostering for a bit. I graduate in a month and need to be focusing on the job hunt, so it seems like a good time to take a little step back from the fostering gig. Daniel figured out that we have been fostering for nine months straight – which is crazy considering I promised Daniel that Ginger Rogers was a “one time thing.” Oops.

The dog that got me hooked on fostering.

I am sure you are wondering what in the world I will be blogging about if I don’t have a foster to dote on… luckily, I have lots of subjects in mind. For example, our KC Pittie Pack & Friends walks are still occurring on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but I haven’t had time to blog about them before, so I’ll talk about that.

Joanna working with Ginger Rogers on a past Pittie Pack walk.

Also, some of you may have been readers of this blog way, way back when it was more of a home and DIY blog than a dog blog. Well, even though I’ve been focusing on the dog stuff, Daniel has been working away at refinishing furniture and we both have been spending some time working on the garden. I’d like to share that stuff with you too – especially the work that Daniel does with the furniture – it’s pretty amazing!

One of Daniel's recent projects - a tall chest of drawers

I also would like to share more about our “goals” list that we have been plugging away at for two years. We are not nearly as far along on it as we’d like to be, so now that I am graduating, I want to put more emphasis on completing them. I added some more goals recently after I was inspired by other blogger’s goals lists, including “sing a song at a karaoke bar” (which, although I was in choir throughout school, I am terrified to sing in front of others – even Daniel), “be a contestant on a game show” (I love trivia shows), and “go sailing” (which I am hoping to complete on an upcoming trip to California since my friend Andrew offered to take Daniel and I sailing on the San Francisco Bay in his new boat).

Daniel & I on the Oregon coast - completing our goal of "roadtripping through the Pacific Northwest."

I’d love to hear what your goals are! Are they health/fitness-oriented (Run a marathon! Quit Smoking!) or adventurous (Go skydiving! Swim with Sharks!) or something entirely different (Meet Ryan Gosling and confess my undying love for him)? Is there something I need to add to our list that I forgot? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Oh, and if there is something specific you’d like me to blog about (i.e. Anita wants to hear more about Rufus…hee hee…), share that too!

I was itching to do some baking recently, so I summoned Miss Lucy Lou to assist me with some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She was reluctant at first to be awoken from her slumber.

Once she was given her new title of “Sous Chef,” she checked the ingredients to ensure they were top quality.

Once she was sure everything was okay, she was ready to start baking.

It is so helpful to have a Sous Chef like Lucy Lou around…what would I do without her?

Hello again! Foster Mama has been very busy with something called a “feces” or “thesis” – I’m not sure which one it is, but I do know that it means she spends more time with her computer than with me. And that is a travesty of epic proportions. So the other day I made a decision – I decided that I would make my saddest, most concerned face ever and show it to Foster Mama. Surely a model/actress such as myself can express the deepest of emotions just through my eyes. And this look would be so expressive, so heartbreaking, that Foster Mama would have no choice but to take some time away from her computer and focus on ME (and Rufus and Turk, if she so chose). So I made this face…

And then for good measure, I made this face too…

Wouldn’t you know it – it WORKED! Foster Mama told me yesterday that she is staying home ALL WEEK to hang out with me and me only, Turk, and Rufus! I mean, I thought my look would be effective enough for her to take a day off, but a whole week?! My powers of persuasion are better than I thought. I guess those late nights of Skyping with Chick for tips on “The Look” paid off (don’t worry, Kamanchi, Chick & I are just friends – you’re my only love!). I have the whole week planned out: morning snuggles, rope tug-o-war, afternoon snuggles, sunbathing on the deck, pre-Foster-Dad-gets-home-from-work snuggles, treat eating, Foster-Dad-and-Foster-Mama snuggles, and zoomies with Turk in the backyard while Foster Mama and Dad cheer us on. Unfortunately, Foster Mama just told me that even though she is staying home this week, she still has lots of work to do on her “thesis” so we might not get to everything on the list. And to that, I reserve THIS look…                       XOXO, Lucy Lou

* If you would like your very own expressive pocket pittie, check out my Petfinder Profile or contact Foster Mama at {} *

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