While Turk and Rufus love us very much, I wouldn’t say they are 100% devoted to us… unless there is peanut butter involved. Throw in some baby carrots and fish oil, and there is nothing our dogs wouldn’t do for us. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not proud, I know how to clinch their devotion… so I created my own mini pup pops.

In a blender, I combined peanut butter, bananas, fish oil, carrots, and goat’s milk. Then I used a 99-cent IKEA ice cube tray to make pup-pops – perfectly sized to pop into a Kong for a delicious frozen treat.

Turk, Rufus, and Polly got their first taste of the pup pops last night… and for just a little bit, they were all hopelessly devoted to me.

Is your dog hopelessly devoted to you? Or do you need to bribe them like I do?

* Thank you for all of your sweet comments to Ginger Rogers and her adoptive family! While still very sick, the vet is hopeful she will recover. She gets to come home from the vet today.

** Also, thank you to each and every one of you who voted for me in the Bloggers for Good contest! It appears that I won the contest, although they are still tallying the votes, so nothing is official yet. As soon as everything is official, I will announce how I plan to use the $500 cash prize!