Remember this pretty girl?


Ginger Rogers has been living the good life since January with her adoptive family – mom and dad Aaron & Jenny and fur-siblings Karma, Kali, and Princess. I have received updates from time-to-time from Jenny about Ginger’s antics, whether it was her over dramatic reactions to thunderstorms or her attempts to sneak extra food between meals.

Ginger’s life with Aaron & Jenny has been better than I could have ever hoped for her – I know she is greatly loved and given every amenity for a life of leisure. But unfortunately, her life has taken a serious turn recently. I got a text from Jenny on Friday alerting me that Ginger was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. In a panic, I googled “liver disease in dogs.” As I read the first few articles in the search results, tears began to well up in my eyes. Liver disease is painful and difficult to treat after a certain point. Aaron told me that they wouldn’t have even known something was wrong if it hadn’t been for Ginger not eating.

A trip to the vet revealed liver disease, and Ginger was whisked away to an isolation unit in case it was caused by leptospira. She is being released back to Aaron & Jenny today to be treated at home. The vet gave her a 50/50 chance of survival, but Aaron & Jenny are remaining positive that Ginger can make it through this. Can you please leave a note of encouragement to Aaron, Jenny, and Ginger to let them know you are thinking of them? It would mean a lot to know that our community, who has known Ginger for a year now, is thinking of them!