Another week has flown by, another random Friday for you all.

1. After a successful garage sale (we made almost $300!), two items that I’d been intending on refinishing and then gave up didn’t sell (a crappy old chair I found on the side of a road and the side table I picked up when visiting my friend Emily in OKC). I decided it was a sign that I was meant to get in gear and actually refinish them. All it took was season one of Dawson’s Creek and four episodes of Burn Notice to go from this:

To this:

Not too bad, right? Daniel used some pieces of extra wood he found in the garage to replace the rotted-out seat and the missing board on the seat back as well. I spent about $10 on some outdoor fabric and new padding for the seat at Joann Fabric – the paint was leftover from a recent re-painting of the porch (which you can kind of see in the “after” picture). Now our front porch won’t look so empty when potential buyers stop by. I am thinking of getting a little chalkboard that says “Welcome Potential Homebuyers!” and putting it on the table. Maybe that would be too much…

2. We recently attended Shakespeare in the Park to see “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” with a few friends. Unfortunately, it was nearly 100 degrees and we arrived a bit late so we were seated way too far back to really see or hear anything well. So like the small children we become when it’s too hot and we can’t hear anything, we took pictures on Instagram and left at intermission. We want to go again – maybe for their other play, Antony & Cleopatra – before the summer is over. I always preferred Shakespearean tragedies to comedies anyways.

3. Finally, the euthanasia of Lennox in Northern Ireland has hit a lot of us in the dog community – especially the pit bull community – pretty hard. Breed Specific Legislation is unfair and have been shown to be ineffective. Topeka, KS and the state of Ohio recently repealed their BSL, but there are many cities in the United States and countries around the world that still ban certain dogs based on their looks. So while Lennox’s story is unique because so many people heard about it and rallied in support of him, there are many other dogs being put to sleep each day with no one to fight for them. Look at your city and state to see if BSL exists. If it does, please write your government leaders asking to repeal these outdated and ineffective laws. Because at one time Dobermans, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds were subject to BSL. It’s pit bulls now. What breed might it be in the future?