After a two month hiatus, we’ve finally brought home a new foster! Meet Polly Pocket (Pittie)…

This sweet girl was set to be euthanized at the shelter after just two weeks due to an injury to her back leg. I have a thing for redheads (see Ginger Rogers and Ginger Jr), so I couldn’t let Miss Polly meet that fate. I brought her home on Thursday after her spay surgery, and lucky for her, the very next day was National Take Your Dog to Work Day! She was a doll at the office I’ve been working at part-time since finishing grad school – just curling up on her Molly Mutt bed and napping overseeing my work. She even assisted my boss with finishing his breakfast sandwich answering his emails. One thing Polly Pocket would not do though? Helping me do paperwork. Polly Pocket does not collate.

We are still learning about her, but so far we have figured out a few of her likes and dislikes…


  1. Pretending to be your shadow (“oh, don’t mind me – just following you into the bathroom!”).
  2. Staring at you with her gigantic eyes that bore right into your soul.
  3. Giving you a big, pittie smile when you call her “Polly wanna cracker” or “Pockets.”


  1. You leaving her sight – even if it’s just to run to another room for just a second.
  2. You watching her as she enters the house from the backyard. She will wait on the deck until we turn around before she comes inside.
  3. Being left alone. Ever. This girl has some crazy separation anxiety. To give you an idea of how bad it is, check out the damage she did to her crate after being left alone for a few hours on Saturday. And no, the crate’s wires are not supposed to bend like that.

We’ve dealt with separation anxiety before with Ginger Rogers, but Polly’s case appears to be way more severe than that. We’ll do a post soon about the different things we’re doing to help ease Polly’s anxiety and prepare her for her future forever home. We’re very excited to show her what it’s like to feel safe and be a beloved family member. It’s feels good to be back in the (fostering) saddle!

Polly Pocket will be available in the next few weeks through Heart of America Humane Society – stay tuned!