Today’s post comes from my bestie Deanna regarding the joys of being an aunt to Turk & Rufus (and our fosters)!

When you’re a kid, your dogs are your friends. When you’re an adult, your dogs are your kids. When you’re an adult whose apartment building doesn’t allow dogs, your bestie’s dogs are your nieces and nephews…and you buy a bunny that looks like your neph-dogs to ease the pain.

Rufus pranced into my heart in college and he’s had me willingly wrapped around his paw ever since. He is the only dog I’ve ever met that has zero flaws. (Ooh! Did you hear that? That was the sound of Daniel and my husband, Nate, rolling their eyes right out of their heads.)

Rufus is perfect from the tips of his giant bat ears to the end of his curly tail. Sure, there are only a few people that he truly loves, but as one of them, you won’t hear me complain!

Turk and I had a rocky relationship at first. We were both so young and naive when we first met…

Turk: still trying to figure out what it meant to be safe, secure, and loved. And me: trying to figure out why he ate dirt out of flower pots and seemed to have a special gift for stepping on my ovaries as he bounded over the couch. Thankfully, we’ve both grown a lot over the years.

That’s right, Daniel & Emily have trained us both well. Turk is now an amazing listener, he knows a million four tricks, and he is the best cuddler in the universe. Plus, thanks to Emily and the online pittie community, I’ve learned about pittie personalities and what it means to be a great doggie aunt. Now, every time I see Turk my little heart goes pittie-patter!

The best part of the auntie business? When Emily & Daniel leave town, I get to dog-sit! That means I get two-or-more glorious days to shower my neph-dogs with affection.

If you’re in the market for a neph-dog, I would recommend finding a best friend with the following things: an adorable bungalow, a Wii, the uncanny ability to instantly turn her home into a bed and breakfast, and a knack for adopting the cutest dogs alive.

So, to recap: Thank you, Emily, for bringing Rufus and Turk into my life; thank you, pittie community, for teaching me how to be the best pittie-aunt I can be; thank you, shelters, for having a foster program that lets me be a foster aunt to some seriously magnificent pups;

and thank you, Rufus and Turk, for filling my heart to the brim with unconditional love.

Oh yeah. And thank you, sweet rabbit, for pretending to be a dog.

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