I’ve written before about how many different roles a person can play with regards to animal rescue. Sometimes, the part we need to play is that of the “matchmaker.” Let me explain. A few months ago we had a sweet couple move in next door to us. I immediately knew we’d get along when I saw they had a an elderbelle and a chihuahua. We started talking whenever we were outside with our dogs and I mentioned once that I fostered pit bulls. They happened to mention that they were interested in possibly adopting another pittie someday. Through our various conversations, I gathered that they were looking for a younger pittie, preferably a girl. So when this plea came across Facebook a few days ago, the wheels started turning in my head…

The plea for Carolina broke my heart. The shelters in Kansas City are so full right now that just the slightest bit of mange is enough to get a dog placed on the “list” for euthanasia. Fostering is just not an option for us right now, but I felt so strongly about Carolina’s case that I knew I had to try to figure something out for her. On the morning of June 7th (which you’ll notice is the deadline for Carolina to be saved), I struck up a conversation with my neighbors and asked them if they were still interested in adopting another pittie. They said yes. I showed them a photo of Carolina and told them a bit about her. They were interested but weren’t sure if she was “The One” so I explained to them what is entailed in fostering and what it would mean for Carolina. They were totally onboard for fostering and immediately filled out a foster application with MABBR. Carolina came to their house that afternoon! Here is Carolina after she was pulled from the shelter – pretty happy girl, huh?

In less than 15 minutes, Carolina (renamed Lucy by my neighbors) was best friends with Nipsy (the elderbelle) and Spaz (the chihuahua) and had Jeremy and Elise (my neighbors) wrapped around her little mange-covered paw. From what I’ve gathered this weekend, they are totally smitten and I am 99% sure they will foster fail. But had we never struck up a conversation in the first place, that love connection may never have happened. While I am not fostering myself, I am still able play an important part in rescue just by talking about it. Same thing with the people who posted her plea on Facebook. It may seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but it can make a huge difference in the life of a shelter animal.

* I will be posting about Carolina (now Lucy) from time to time as she recovers from mange and learns what life is like as a beloved family member *