Turkey here with another confession: I am actually a Southern gentleman.

Well, not a Southern gentleman in the way of being born in the South or actually living there, but more in the way of watching the Kentucky Derby, wearing bow-ties, sittin’ on the porch on hot summer days, and drinking Mint Juleps. And I make the BEST Mint Juleps…one part simple syrup, two parts peanut butter, three parts crushed dog biscuits (or more if you are feeling sassy), and add a sprig of mint on the top. Deeeelish!

My Southern gentleman-side was never able to truly come out until Mama ordered my latest Sirius Republic collar and bow-tie. She said it’s for our upcoming photo session with Fido Fetch Photography, but I know she understands my need to express myself through my clothes!

Rufus is finally getting to express his inner Professor with his new collar and bow-tie, spouting off about deadlines for assignments and quoting famous poets. He looks sooo ridiculous. Annnnnd he doesn’t even have his own recipe for Mint Juleps! How does he expect to entertain guests?!

Oh wait, it’s Rufus. He doesn’t entertain. That just means more people to party with moi….score!

This time Mama even got her own present from Sirius Republic! It’s a pretty awesome hoodie with Chilly the Elderbelle (our sister from another mister) on it! Pretty sweet, right? Mama kept talking about how it was “so soft” and “so warm.” Like I can’t be “so soft” or “so warm” for her? Pssssh!

Alright, now back to perfecting my julep recipe … it’s not quite right … maybe more peanut butter? Or is it more dog biscuits? I can never remember!