Turk here…and I have a confession: I have ticks.

I’m so ashamed! Rufus has them too, but he is never ashamed of anything…

You see, we went to Shawnee Mission Park yesterday with our good friend Chloe (her mom is Amy from Fido Fetch Photography), and we went on a trek through the woods. We had so much fun running around, chasing squirrels, and playing in the water! Unfortunately, some ticks decided to take a ride on our legs, our bellies, on paws, and one even attached to Rufus’ eyebrow! Needless to say, it was very disturbing and embarrassing. Mama was super grossed out, even though I know she was trying to stay calm for our sake. I stayed very still while Mama picked every tick off me – Rufus, on the other hand, was very naughty and squirmed and squealed and even tried to bite Mama’s hand off! Maybe he just didn’t appreciate Mama’s rendition of “Ticks” by Brad Paisley that she sang while she picked off the ticks. Who knows?

My Mama did want to let you all know to be sure to check your dogs for ticks after spending anytime outside (especially in wooded areas) – even if they are on a tick preventative. Here is a link to information about tick prevention. In the meantime, I’ll continue to live out my shame quietly…listening to Mama singing about “checking me for ticks.”