One of your suggestions for writing topics was “more Rufus!” And how can I blame you? His grumpy little chi face is so adorable, and his puppy-like antics are still cracking me up, even though he has long since passed the puppy phase of his life (he’s officially a senior citizen at 7 years old). So when Rufus decided to crash my photo session for these new sheets I bought (for a possible future post about my love of striped bedding – riveting, I know), I just went with it… (just for the record, in my head, I hear Rufus’ voice as Buster Bluth from Arrested Development)

“And what is this, Mother?”

“Will these benefit me in some way?”

“Please tell me there is at least something delicious inside?”

Sorry bud – nothing delicious inside. Unless you count perfectly striped sheets…