I don’t know what’s wrong with me…scratch that. I know exactly what’s wrong with me.

I am suffering from writer’s block. It is hard to go from a vacation mindset like this:

To being studious and working like this:

I’ll admit, having the dogs distract me monitor my work is not super helpful. But I am soaking in all of the doggie goodness I’ve been missing while I was in California. Seriously, is there anything better than coming home after a long absence and having your dogs greet you at the door with wiggly butts? I submit that there is not!

So I am asking you, Our Waldo Bungie readers, what exactly would you like me to write about? If you love to hear about dog stuff, what dog stuff would you like to hear? Fosters? Turk? Rufus? How we train for specific issues? Pack walks? Something else? Let me know! If you come here for the DIY/home decorating posts – what would you like to hear about? Please help me escape my writer’s/vacation block!