Yesterday I showed you my piggy project that was inspired by Yellow Brick Home’s hot pink T-Rex

Well, the inspiration didn’t stop there! I also was pretty obsessed with YBH’s painted camera, so I decided to paint my own vintage camera that I found at Those Were the Days Antique Mall in Warrensburg on my very last day of school.

Just like with the piggies, I started off with a few light coats of primer.

I intended to use the same Key Lime spray paint as I did with the piggies, but then I remembered how much I loved the simple white of YBH’s camera…

Since I didn’t buy any white paint, I just decided to go over the primer with the clear gloss sealant and call it good. I really like how it turned out.

Daniel thinks it needs a couple more coats of paint to cover up the bits of black showing through, but I like it how it is.

What do you think?