Hello! This is Lucy Lou, and I’ve got some news for you…as most of you guessed on Friday

I’M A.D.O.P.T.E.D!!!! I went to live with my awesome new family last week and I am having the time of my life! My new mom and dad are really cool – my dad is in law enforcement and my mom is the general manager of a Petco (Score – lots of treats and toys!). But the best part of my new family is my new baby brother, Chunga!

Doesn’t he look just like my foster brother, Turkey?! But unlike Turkey, Chunga actually wants to play with me! We instantly became best friends and get into mischief all over the house – knocking cushions off the couch, wrestling on the floor, and playing tug-of-war with our toys. We are having so much fun!

I’ve been showing Chunga some of the skills I learned while staying with my foster family, like the super cool way I lay on the couch…

Chunga’s been showing me how good he is at sitting nicely and waiting for a treat (even though he’s only 7 months old, he’s already been through two obedience classes! He is so smart!). My new mom is going to take me to obedience class so I can become as polite as Chunga, but I’m trying to learn from him for now.

I know that you all will miss seeing my pretty face around the blog, but I’ll ask my new mom to check in with foster mom from time-to-time so you can hear about how well I am doing in obedience class and what kind of trouble I get into with Chunga. But for now, here’s one last photo of my gorgeous mug to tide you over until then…                                                          XOXO, Lucy Lou

* Foster Mom said she is going to write me a gushy letter tomorrow, so check back to see what she has to say about our time together *