You may have seen a few weeks ago that Turk won an amazing giveaway from Parker, Skye, and their mama Jenny from Of Pit Bulls & Patience! Turk won a crazy amount of swag…it was insane. Seriously, Parker & Skye are some generous pooches!

The package came yesterday and of course, Turk had to inspect it…

He was pretty psyched about the bag of bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks!

He was even more excited about the Natural Balance food rolls

He reserved the most excitement for the Megalast Long Dog…seriously, I haven’t seen him get this excited about a toy in a long time!

I was the most excited about his new ID Tag from Sofa City Sweethearts!

Doesn’t he look so handsome?

The bow-tie from Learned Stitchworks was a little too small for Turk’s collar, so he begrudgingly kindly offered to give it to Rufus, who accepted…because really, what is cuter than a chihuahua in a bow-tie?

We also got some Fruitables treats (which we love!) and a Lightweight Loofa Dog (which is awesome – Rufus’ favorite!) because I get the feeling that Parker & Skye told their mama, “Just add this…and this….and this….and this…ooooh! And this too, Mama!” when it came to deciding what to include in this swag bag. I mean, seriously…it was that awesome! Thank you again to Jenny, Parker, and Skye from Of Pit Bulls & Patience for the awesome giveaway! If you haven’t checked out them out yet, you need to!