Saturday was practice St. Patrick’s Day, which is a big deal in Kansas City (we have a large Irish population in the metro). Practice St. Patty’s Day is a busy day with events all over the city, which meant lots of opportunities to get Lucy out to meet her adoring public exposure in hopes she can meet her furever family. Because a dog in clothes is sure to get attention, I made sure she had the most adorable outfit (A “t-shirt dress” – an Old Navy t-shirt with a tulle tutu – sewed by my bestie, Deanna, and a shamrock headband that I embellished with tulle), of course.

Our first stop was to cheer on my other bestie, Joanna, at the Westport St. Patty’s Run. Lucy Lou was fascinated by all the runners, although she was confused when they ran right by her without giving her kisses or snuggles.

Some of our favorite runners were the Easter Bunny and Green Man – there were so many fun outfits people wore to stand out in the race. There were even some dogs who participated!

When Joanna approached the finish line, I yelled and Lucy Lou barked and we did all of the proper “YOU JUST RAN SOME MILES” celebratory acts.

After the race, we caught up with Joanna, and Lucy Lou congratulated her in the only way she knows how – with a million kisses…

Until someone else wanted to pet her, then she happily obliged her as well…

Lots of people brought their dogs to cheer on the runners – including this sheep dog who was dyed green for the occasion!

In true Lucy Lou fashion, she managed to steer me toward the tables with all of the after-run food and beverages for the runners, then waited patiently for someone to hook her up with some grub.

When it became apparent that nobody was going to feed her, she politely implied that she would like to go home barked until I agreed it was time to leave. But she did make sure to get one more hug in on her way out…because you never know when your next hug will be…

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