Since Turk sent our first foster, Ginger Rogers, to the emergency vet back in December, we have been a little gun shy about letting Turk interact in the house with any subsequent fosters.

Ginger Roger's stitches

We just didn’t want to risk another altercation. Now, Turk shares the backyard just fine, which is why we let him death sticks with Ginger Jr. during her week long stay with us.

But for Lucy Lou, she has been kept separate from everyone since she joined our pack in January. At the suggestion of Aleks from Love & a Six-Foot Leash, we employed a longer introduction period that starts with separation by baby gates, followed by tiedowns, lots of leashed walking together, then eventually, letting the dogs be together freely within the house. Lucy Lou breezed through the baby gate period but when we got to the tiedown, she always managed to free her leash from the doorknob or drag the couch her leash was attached to half-way across the living room.

Hey foster mama, when you're not looking, I'm gonna release myself from the grips of this doorknob!

This made Turk really upset/nervous/frustrated, so back to the baby gates Lucy went. You can imagine how guilty I felt when Turk and Rufus were cuddling with me on the couch in the living room and I could see this in the kitchen…

But recently, we decided to try short periods of time where Lucy Lou could have free reign of the house with Turk and Rufus. I’ll admit, there were a couple times where I bounded up to get between Turk and Lucy to prevent a fight that probably was never going to happen in the first place. But, like I said, we were gun shy. Then last night, I went to get ready for bed and I thought Daniel was supervising the dogs. Daniel thought I was supervising the dogs. When he got up to head to the bedroom, he saw this…

We are making progress, don’t you think?!

If you want to be Lucy Lou’s cuddle buddy, check out her Petfinder profile or email me at {}