Hey blog readers…this is Lucy Lou and I want to put out a PSA for my fellow pitties (and all other breeds, of whom I will refer to as “honorary pitties”)…

So here it is…Bathies are the DEVIL!

Recently my foster mama took me to the vet’s office to show him how gorgeous I am because I was limping around sometimes and my skin was super irritated. Well, the limping thing was easily solved – I have an old injury that didn’t heal right and is causing me to have something called “arthritis” or “night blindness” or “plantar fasciitis” – I’m not sure, I wasn’t really listening . But I do know that my “condition” is easily remedied by Fish oil and Glucosamine, which means I get peanut butter to take my pills, which means I am one happy girl. But the skin thing? That can only be solved with bathies…ugh.

Considering I am a highly in-demand model, it is difficult to hold off on my many gigs to deal with this skin issue, but what can a girl do? Nobody wants to see a scaly pittie with flaky skin working that runway. No sir! So for now, I am relegated to once-a-week bathies with a medicated shampoo.

ONCE…..A……WEEK! I could die!

How am I supposed to face that scary showerhead snake every week?! Maybe my Valentine Kamanchi can come fight it for me? I am so upset…foster mama seems pretty intent on putting me through this bathies business whether I like it or not. She can be so mean sometimes! But she says it’s for my own good. So…bathies it is. But to show my disapproval of her decision, I vow to attempt to escape the clutches of the evil bathtub at least twice per bathies.

I know that foster mama is just trying to make me feel better, but I refuse to like it…even if the water is warm and my foster mama gives me really good scratchies during the bathies and afterwards I get a scoop of peanut butter.

Hopefully my skin issue is resolved soon and I can go back to less frequent bathies…although I wouldn’t mind if the scoop-of-peanut-butter part stays in place forever…mmmmm….peanut butter….           XOXO, Lucy Lou

If you are interested in adopting Lucy, please check out her Petfinder profile or contact me at {ourwaldobungie@gmail.com}