Lucy Lou was bumming out hard on Friday because she thought she was going to be dateless on Valentine’s Day. But throughout the day, several eligible bachelors expressed interest in making a love connection! Lucy Lou is so overwhelmed with her options, so she’d like your help to pick her date – kind of like a canine reality dating show!

Here are the eligible bachelors and their pleas to Lucy Lou…

1. Charlie MacheteLucy Lou, if you’re looking for a snuggle buddy, I am your man! (Don’t be jealous of my sister Minnie — we have a purely platonic relationship.) In addition to the cuddle factor, I also boast an energy level to match your own, so you can always trust that I’ll keep up with you on wild adventures. Plus, I have the shiniest coat in Kansas City.

2. CorbinOh, Lucy Lou… ya know, I’ve got some good good looks and, if you can believe it, I’ve only asked one girl to be my Valentine’s date, but I lost her. And I asked her before I even met you! So that can’t be held against me. But I believe in fate and I think I lost my chance with Mayzie so I could have you as my date. Everything happens for a reason, right?  So, would you make me Mr. Lucy Lou for a day? I’d be most honored. PS. I think you’re super beautiful.

3. Razer – I am an extreme snuggler – I take my job of “portable heater” very seriously. I am an obedience graduate on my way to getting a masters in CGC with a minor in targeting. I love extreme sports: tug-of-war, rope toss, flirt pole, and couch & bed leaping! May I add, Miss Lucy Lou, that your eyes make me think of honey and peanut butter; two of my most favorite things! My idea of a perfect date would be to play, play, snuggle, play, eat, and then snuggle. 

4. Kamanchi – I would be the perfect valentine for Lucy Lou because, well, look at me! I am an 8 year old pit bull mix and with my chocolate brown eyes, sugar dipped muzzle and let’s not forget…the ears…my mom tells me I am the George Clooney of canines. Don’t let my age and dashing good looks fool you, I am all heart and know how to treat a lady. So if Lucy is looking for a handsome, sensitive, distinguished companion, I am definitely her guy.

5. NemoMy Dear Lovely Lucy, I would be so honored to be your Valentine. You are a beautiful doggie and are worth at least 20,000 bones before getting out of bed! I live with several ladies now (I assure you they are just roommates!) so I know how ladies like to be treated. I am also a true gentleman, and I would woo you with peanut butter filled Kongs, let you have the best spot in the sun to lay in, and I would even let you play with my special red ball. I am also an extraordinary cuddler as I have lots of experience. Ever Yours, Nemo

So many handsome dudes – but there is only one Lucy Lou! So, please take this poll to help her decide which of these guys should be HER guy! If you don’t see a bachelor on here that you think would be best for Lucy, vote for a write-in candidate! Vote early! Vote often! Help Lucy Lou choose! The winner will be announced tomorrow – and maybe, just maybe, prizes will be involved!

But if no one votes, then Lucy Lou is having a ladies night with her girl Skye!