We have Lucy Lou separated from Turk and Rufus when they are all out because Lucy Lou is…well…a bit pushy and “in yo face” when it comes to Turk. Turk does NOT like that behavior, so a baby gate ensures Lucy stays in the kitchen/back bathroom while Turk and Rufus are allowed to wander the rest of the house. Even though I make sure Lucy has plenty of toys and bones to keep her entertained in her area, she looks longingly at me over the baby gate and wills me with her big, beautiful brown eyes to let her venture into the rest of the house…

That is, until yesterday afternoon. I was wasting time on Facebook working diligently on my thesis proposal when I realized that I didn’t hear any mournful chirping coming from Lucy Lou in the kitchen. In fact, when I peered into the kitchen, she wasn’t there. This could only mean two things: (1) Lucy Lou had developed opposable thumbs and let herself into the backyard or (2) she was in the bathroom. Sure enough, she was in the bathroom, laying peacefully on the rug in between our stackable washer/dryer and the toilet.

This has apparently become Lucy Lou’s “happy place,” because any time we leave her alone in her designated area, this is where she ends up. Although, if she hears us coming, she has been trying to get up and peek around the corner to welcome us to her “humble abode.”

If you think your home could be Lucy Lou’s “happy place,” please email me at {ourwaldobungie@gmail.com}.