I have been told by several wise people that the best way to heal after a traumatic experience is to start laughing again. Obviously, it will take a long time for Jess and Brian to heal after losing their beloved Knox, but today’s post is an effort to put a smile on their faces and hopefully, to make them laugh.

I now give you: The Five Stages of “Good Grief” (or “Lucy Lou’s First Time Wearing a Backpack”)

Stage 1: Denial

“If I do not see the backpack, it is not there.”

Stage 2: Anger

“How DARE you put me in this backpack! You are a bad, bad, BAAAAAAAAAAD foster mama!”

Stage 3: Bargaining

“Would you take the backpack off if I….do a headstand?”

“How about if I….give you my chew toy?”

Stage 4: Depression

“Oh! Woe is me! This pack shall be adhered to my backside for all eternity!”

Stage 5: Acceptance

“Alright, let’s go on this walk you were talking about.”