If you follow us on Facebook, you saw this little sneak peek of our latest foster on Monday…

But now we can officially let the whole cat dog out of the bag! Introducing Lucy Lou!

Miss Lucy Lou came to us in an unexpected way. We were set to foster Kimba, but as we learned more about her, it became clear that our household would not be the best fit for her. So, she went to another foster home and we took in Lucy Lou because the foster home she’d been in no longer had the time to properly care for her.

Lucy’s story started back in April when she was pulled from a high-kill shelter. She spent a short time in boarding before she was adopted by what seemed to be a great couple. Unfortunately, this couple were not what they seemed. In the short time Lucy was with them, she became infested with fleas, lost patches of fur and developed bloody, itchy skin because they did not listen to the rescue’s warning about her extreme grain allergy. As if that wasn’t enough, they would leave her outside for long periods of time despite being aware that she is a fence jumper, and she escaped their yard several times. The last straw was when a fellow volunteer found Lucy running around a busy street. She was brought back into rescue and has been patiently waiting for the right home ever since.

Here’s what we know about her… she is a 1.5 years old pit mix who loves every single person and animal she meets! We joke that she is a whole zoo in one dog with the way she snorts like a pig when she is excited, bounces like a bunny when she is happy, chirps like a bird when she loses sight of us, and snores like a bear when she sleeps! In the short time Lucy has been with us, she’s been making the rounds with all of our friends and even joined this weekend’s KC Pittie Pack Walk!

She is such a goofy, happy-go-lucky girl, we don’t expect it will take too long to find her forever home. But in the meantime, we’ll enjoy every second we have with her and make sure she has lots of fun adventures! Hopefully we can keep her from becoming too much of a diva, but considering she is the very first dog to receive the Brown Sugar Skulls Sirius Republic collar and is also getting a one-of-a-kind initial flower attachment for it, we may have already lost that battle!

If Lucy Lou seems like your kind of girl, please contact me at {ourwaldobungie@gmail.com}.