TNT is back! You didn’t think I’d forgotten, did you?! Here are some of the most recent creations by my mom, Tiennot, and her nimble knitting needles!

Corbin is sporting his prize from Giveaway-a-Day #4 and staying warm in New York!

Two Pitties in the City’s Ms. M shows off her “rock star” personality in purple & pink, while Mr. B is low-key in blue stripes in Chicago…

Arabella isn’t afraid of those harsh Minnesota winters now that she has a pretty sweater to keep her warm…

Sassy Sadie proudly wears her New England Patriots colors while working in her mama’s Portland store, NoPo Paws!

Emma wants you to know that California dogs get cold, too, but now that she has a new sweater, she stays toasty warm!

And last but not least, Mitchell is looking very handsome and bright in his lemon/lime elderbelle sweater down in Texas! Yes, that’s right, guys, the “elderbelle” style is not just for the ladies!

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