Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! (can you tell how excited I am?)

I am super excited to let you know that I am officially ADOPTED! I know, it seems fast, but once I tell you about my new dad, you’ll understand why my time with Foster Mama and Daddy was so short. You see, apparently, before I came along, Foster Mom and Dad had another foster dog, who looked just like me (but older and more distinguished), named Ginger Rogers. She lived with them for a long time before meeting her forever family during a faithful outing to a place called Brookside. But what foster Mom didn’t tell you is that in addition to meeting her forever family that day, she also met a girl named Esther at FM’s favorite candle shop. Esther took a flier about Ginger Rogers home to her older brother, Noah, who was looking for a pittie to adopt for himself.

He fell in love with Ginger Rogers and went to the adoption event the next day to meet her, only to find her new forever family filling out the paperwork to take her home. He was really sad and disappointed, but Foster Mom promised him that she would look to find another pittie that could be his best friend. And wouldn’t you know that I was getting captured rescued by Lee’s Summit Animal Control right at that time?!

Foster Mom saw my photo on the shelter site and was excited to see me make my first appearance at the adoption event the very next week! She was amazed at how much I looked just like a young Ginger Rogers. She played with me for a bit to see how amazing I was how I interacted with her. When I amazed her with a funny headstand, wiggly run, and my ability to squeak a squeaky toy for ten bazillion hours, she knew that I would be perfect for Noah. She called him up and he ran over to meet me. He liked me a lot, but he knew that he would have to get the okay from his mom, dad, and sisters because he is living with them while he looks for a place of his own (he just moved back to Kansas City for a new job). Foster Mom offered to take me home in the meantime and get to know me better. I did awesome at her house, of course, and I was even the first foster dog that Turkey actually wanted to play with! He & I loved playing in the backyard together – we played hide-and-go-seek, practiced our zoomies, and I even taught him the art of deathing sticks.

After just four days with Foster Mom and Dad (and Turk & Rufus), I went over to meet Noah’s family. They all instantly fell head over heels in love with my headstands and cuddling skills, and when I told them that I was a master stick deather, everyone was immediately sold! Noah’s dad (my new grandpa) even fished out an old photo of his childhood dog, a pretty pittie girl named Nancy. Of course they needed another pittie girl for their family, right?! Foster Mom had a good feeling about them, but just as a precaution, we decided to do a one-week trial to make sure I fit in well with the family. And wouldn’t you know, not even a week later, Foster Mom got a call from Noah saying he wanted to make my adoption permanent! Here is me with my new dad!

Noah told my Foster Mom about how I charmed the pants off everyone in the house – my new grandpa got me a big bone and lets me take naps with him in the recliner, my new aunts bought me an Easy Walk Eco Harness and lots of new toys, and my Grandma even bought me a cool fleece jacket to wear during my early morning walks with Dad. My aunt is also coming over every afternoon to take me on walks in hopes that I will help facilitate an encounter with a nice, dog loving, single dude. Anything to help out my new family, I guess! The only person who doesn’t like me so far is Boomie the Cat – she scratched me when I tried to give her a hug – so now I steer clear of her and she steers clear of me. Foster Mom imagines that my encounter with Boomie went something like this.

I know you were hoping to see more of my gorgeous mug around the blog, but my new family needed me right away, and I’d already taught Turk everything I knew about stick deathing. So, even though Foster Mom, Dad, and Turk were sad to see me go (Rufus was not so sad – he never cared for me much), they were excited that I found my new family so fast! I’ll be checking in with you all from time-to-time, so I’m not leaving you forever, and besides, I heard a rumor that there was another doggie in need of a soft place to land, and Foster Mom was just the person to help! But that’s a story for another day… I’m off to play with my new family! See ya!


Ginger, Jr.