I’ll admit it – I lurve convenience. I am the kind of girl who would rather order clothes online than go to the store, I will go through a drive-thru for a Diet Coke because I don’t want to go inside a gas station, and I try to condense my errands into as few trips as possible because I hate wasting time. Especially in my last semester of grad school, I just don’t have time to spare, so anything that is convenient is A-Okay in my book. Enter MrChewy.com. This site sells all kinds of pet products and offers free shipping on orders over $49!

I normally buy my dog’s food at a local doggy boutique, but with my hectic schedule this semester, I found myself dangerously low on food and with no time to run to the store. Lucky for me, I remembered that MrChewy.com carried the Acana grain-free food I recently switched to, and I had been offered a $50 coupon code** to try out the site. “Eureka!*” I exclaimed as I put in my order late on a Monday night. On Tuesday morning, I received this email update:

By Wednesday afternoon, this package arrived on my doorstep from the FedEx guy. Rufus and Turk made sure the package was safe before I opened it…

Once they deemed it “safe,” I opened up the package and let them explore further…

After going through the whole customer experience with MrChewy.com, here are my thoughts:

PROS: Nice variety of high quality products, fast delivery, competitive pricing, and frequent email updates on the status of my order.

CONS: They were out of stock on the flavor of Acana I wanted, so I had to order a more expensive flavor.

While it did suck that they were out of stock of the Acana flavor I wanted, it really wasn’t that big of a deal to me because the more expensive flavor was still cheaper than the local doggy boutique I usually buy from. So, would I order from MrChewy.com again? Definitely! While I prefer to buy locally whenever I can, MrChewy.com came in handy when I was short on time and craving convenience. Plus, Mr. Chewy convinced a cat to work in his customer service department…and I can totally get behind that!

One more reason to give MrChewy.com a try? Well, they will make a $10 donation to rescues like Best Friends Animal Society and North Shore Animal League for every new order they get from a customer referral. Oh, and they give every customer you refer 10% off their order, too. Seems pretty cool, right? So, if you want to give MrChewy.com a try, enter in my special code: OURW7081 and receive 10% off your order and know that $10 will be made to an animal rescue, too!

* I did not actually say “eureka,” although a “huzzah” may have escaped my lips…

** I was offered a $50 coupon code to use on MrChewy.com in exchange for a blog post reviewing my experience. While I did utilize the coupon, it in no way affected how I wrote about my experience. Regardless of the perk, I wrote how I truly felt about my customer experience.