Many of you have asked me about how Kimba is doing and I am so excited to share this update! Here is a current photo of Kimba:

See that beautiful smile? Thanks to your generous donations, Kimba was able to receive the highest quality care at a local veterinary clinic. She stayed in an isolation unit to prevent her illness from spreading to other dogs at the clinic and received daily breathing treatments to aid in her recovery. During her week stay at the clinic, we are happy to report that she gained a full pound, which may not sound like a lot, but for her little body, it made a huge difference! Compare this photo from her original shelter profile:

To this photo from last week:

While she is clearly still in need of some serious weight gain, she already looks so much healthier!

Here is an update from her foster mom, Athena: “She is so so sweet and loves to put her head in our laps and lean against us – she even started giving us kisses! She is always excited to see us and wags her tail. Overall she is just so sweet and gentle – she just wants to be loved. I dont know how she ended up the way she did, but she is one lucky pittie, with a whole lot of people rooting for her.”

Thank you again for all of your generous donations! It truly took a village to save this pittie, and we will continue to follow her progress in her foster home and until she finds her forever family!

* Photos of Kimba courtesy of Rachel Mason Photography *

** Oh, and the name “Juno McGruff” didn’t stick – so back to Kimba it is! **