Those of you who follow us on Facebook saw this little teaser post yesterday…

So, without further adieu…meet the little lady we are affectionately referring to as “Ginger, Jr” for obvious reasons.

Ginger Jr. looks so much like her namesake that I honestly could not think of a better name for her. G.Jr. was found as a stray and has been pretty stressed out living in the shelter. After hearing that Ginger Rogers’ adoption was going to be finalized, I scooped up G.Jr. from the adoption event so I could give her a chance to de-stress at our house.

G.Jr. is 1 or 2 years old and some kind of pit mix, although we are not sure exactly what she is mixed with. She appears to be potty trained and is picking up on our rules pretty quickly, but this girl has major puppy energy that we have not been around in quite some time! She has the puppy flop down cold, bunny hops all over the backyard, and is the biggest nerd I’ve ever met. Seriously.

Oh, and don’t let those piercing green eyes fool you – left to her own devices, she WILL steal your shoes, dig up your pepper plant, or systematically hoard all of your tupperware lids in her crate. Like I said, she’s a nerd.

* If Ginger Jr. seems like your kind of girl, check out her info on Petfinder *