Yep, it’s true! Ginger Rogers found forever family and they. are. awesome!

Meet Jenny and Aaron. I met Jenny while Ginger and I were touring Brookside and she took one of my fliers after squishing Ginger’s face and declaring her “ADORABLE!” I didn’t think much of it, because, come on, who hasn’t met Ginger, promptly squished her face and called her “ADORABLE?” Everyone does that – it doesn’t mean a love connection was made, right? But the next morning, before my Arboretum hike, I was surprised when I got a call from Jenny asking if I could bring Ginger to meet her husband and their three dogs to see how everyone got along. I squealed and did a celebratory jig calmly made arrangements for our meeting. After a stellar meet-and-greet at the park, we quickly moved to the home visit, where Ginger promptly made herself at home. Before I knew it, Ginger was on a one-week trial adoption period!

Now, I’ve been down this “trial adoption” road before, so I didn’t get my hopes up when Jenny and Aaron took Ginger home the first day. Or when Aaron emailed me to tell me that Ginger had “houdini’d” her way into their cupboards for a twinkie. Or when Jenny texted me to tell me that Ginger was getting more and more relaxed every day. I also didn’t cry. Not once. Which is weird. I bawled uncontrollably for days the first time Ginger went on a trial adoption, and I bawled for almost 24 hours the second time. But this time – no tears. Weird, right? I kept telling myself that it was because I knew Ginger would probably end up back at our house, like she had before, so why waste any energy crying? Daniel, however, reminded me that there was no reason to cry when I knew that Jenny and Aaron were perfect for Ginger and bonus, lived only a mile or so from us AND sent me almost daily updates. But I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it might be true….

Then, this weekend, we finalized the adoption! My beautiful, goofy, loving elderbelle had found her forever home with Aaron & Jenny, and their pugs Kali and Princess, and corgi mix Karma. Ginger has her own sunroom to sleep in, with her very own couch.

With the introduction of Ginger came the introduction of T-R-E-A-T-S to learn the rules, so Kali, Princess and Karma don’t mind their new sister one bit!

Jenny told me that the pugs are ready to cuddle with Ginger, but she is still a bit unsure of them (of course a 60 pound pit bull would be afraid of pugs)! Karma and Ginger get daily walks together to help them bond, and Ginger spends every day upstairs on her very own dog bed with her daddy because he telecommutes! Oh, and on day one, Ginger claimed her spot on her daddy’s lap while they watch TV. Yeah, Ginger is living the good life…apparently Santa was just a little late granting her wish for a family, but boy, when he finally got around to it, he totally delivered!

Congrats, Ginger girl … I already wrote you a sappy goodbye letter so long ago when I first thought you had found your forever family, and we’ve been through so much more since then. But luckily this time, it’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you around,” because your mom and dad are awesome and promised to let me hang out with you whenever I want – I can even take you on walks with the KC Pittie Pack from time to time. So, no tears for you, my girl – you hit the big time, and I can’t wait to see you shine!