Those of you who follow Our Waldo Bungie on Facebook saw the update on Juno, but I wanted to update those of you who missed it. Juno has decided to keep life really interesting by taking a turn for the worst yesterday morning. She refused to eat and started throwing up her water, so back to the vet she went. Since she is most likely contagious, she was put in isolation at a vet clinic just a couple blocks from my house. Here she is at the clinic…not too happy to be stuck with an IV and unable to be snuggled.

I’ll be checking up on her every day and will update you on her progress! She will need every penny donated, and probably more, so if you haven’t donated already, please consider doing so. Between her boarding fees in the isolation unit and the cost of a 24/7 IV, she has already hit $1,000 in medical costs. Luckily, we have already raised that much, but we don’t know what the next two weeks and beyond will bring.

Thanks for following her story…I will be sharing some Ginger updates next week as well as showing off Rufus and Turk’s new Sirius Republic collars!