Thanks to you…yes, YOU, Kimba’s story was shared over and over again on Facebook and Twitter, and before we knew it, Kimba’s Chipin had surpassed its goal of $400 and just kept going! As of 9:30 last night, over $900 had been raised for her care! So thank you! I don’t know if I will ever be able to express how moved I was to see my blog readers and friends give contribution after contribution, big and small, to save this sweet pittie girl. I told the people who were working to get her pulled that my blog readers were the best – and I was right! You guys are awesome! Thank you a million times over for what you did! Thanks to you, Kimba is safe and sound and well on her way to a better life.

And that new life started yesterday afternoon when I was lucky enough to be the one to pull her from the shelter for Unleashed Rescue and take her to her vet evaluation! We stopped on the way to the vet for a mini-spa day, because, as you may remember, she was looking a little roughed up in her shelter photos.

She didn’t love getting bathed, but she seemed to be acutely aware that she was safe with me, and every time I got near her face, she leaned forward to give me kisses. Once bathed, she devoured the hot dog chunks I brought for her, then happily curled up in the passenger seat of my car and settled in for the drive to the vet.

Once we got to the vet, she was whisked into an isolation room (they feared she was possibly sick with something contagious). Blood was drawn, ears were checked, X-Rays were taken…and Kimba just hung out, relishing every belly rub and head scratch I gave her.

Once the blood work and X-Rays came back, the doctor gave me the news… while severely malnourished and dehydrated, she was not in as bad of shape as he thought she would be, given her condition. Her blood work is relatively normal, save a few abnormalities that could be caused by any number of things and should be easily remedied. Her X-Rays do show that she most likely has pneumonia, which means she’ll have to be quarantined from other dogs for at least two weeks. The foster who was supposed to take her has dogs, which means Kimba is going to have to wait awhile before heading to her permanent foster home, but she is safe. She stayed the night with an experienced volunteer who doesn’t have dogs, so she got the royal treatment, with lots of snacks and a warm bed to sleep in. And let me tell you, once this chick knew she was in good hands, she passed out…and I’m pretty sure she was smiling as she snoozed…

Sleep well, sweet Kimba…you’re safe now! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I got the honor of giving Kimba her new name! A new name for her new life – and that name is Juno McGruff. I will continue to follow Kimba (now Juno) as she gets better and keep you all updated on her progress. Thank you again for your help in saving her! She’s got a long road to recovery ahead, but she now has the funds (and the will) to make that recovery possible! It truly did take a village to save her, and I am so incredibly psyched to be a part of it!