Meet Kimba.

Don’t let her appearance fool you…this girl is a diamond in the rough! I mean, just look at this face…

Found as a stray not too far from our house, Kimba has been living at the KC Pet Project since December 30th. Her skinny, scarred body tells of a life much too harsh for a sweet girl like her. And while Kimba is a favorite of the volunteers at the shelter, she is constantly overlooked by potential adopters because of her appearance.

In her short time at the shelter, she has already begun to shut down. As one volunteer noted, “after talking to her and scratching her head for about 5 minutes, she seemed to perk up a little and even stood up. She looked at me with the saddest eyes just begging me to love her. I honestly think that no one has ever really shown her any love — what a terrible tragedy it will be if she is not saved and has to die alone at the shelter. She will make someone an awesome, loving forever friend if given the chance to recover.”

Here is my plea to you: would you please give up one meal out this week, or your daily latte, or your Diet Coke money, and donate $5 to a Chipin started for Kimba’s care? She is being evaluated by the vet and hopefully moved to a foster home in the next couple of days, but we anticipate a lot of vet bills in the process of getting this girl well.

I try really hard not to post stuff like this often – I know you are all inundated with requests for donations, but there is just something about this girl…I just can’t sit by and let her down. I have not forgotten how so many of you helped Ginger in her time of need – so I am asking you to help me out one more time with Kimba. Won’t you donate a little to help? And if you can’t, would you share this post on Facebook or Twitter to your fellow dog lovin’ friends? $150 has already been pledged for her care – we just need more people to believe in her! I know we can save her if we work together!