This week has turned me back into a bright-eyed child, anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival… my Secret Santa gift was due to arrive any day and I could. not. wait!

But Monday turned to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, and Wednesday to Thursday…and still no package arrived. Did Santa lose my package in a snowstorm? Did he get distracted by a cute elf and forget about me? Luckily, that was not case. While my Secret Santa sent my package on Monday, it seems to be taking it’s sweet time to get to my door. Being the sweetheart that she is, Law Student of Two Grads Students and a Pittie, revealed herself as my Secret Santa(!) and sent me some photos of the gift so I would know what was coming my way! Law Student enjoys scrapbooking, so she made me a scrapbook page for Ginger Rogers and asked that, “with each new foster, we hope you will let us send you a scrapbook page.” Isn’t that sweet?! I always have good intentions of making scrapbooks but never seem to get around to it, so now I have a pro who is willing to do it for me! So cool!

Havi also got in on the Secret Santa-ing and included an antler in the package for our pups. Here is Havi supervising the package assembly and the soon-to-be enjoyed antler…

As if that wasn’t enough, Law Student made a contribution to the Houston Pittie Pack’s Chipin in our honor! Isn’t that awesome?! I absolutely love, love, love our gifts – thank you to Mrs. Law Student for your thoughtful and generous gift! You are the best!

Alright, now I’m off to check out That Touch of Pit, Two Pitties in the City, Love and a Six-Foot Leash, Twenty-Six to Life, Pittieful Love, and Two Grad Students and a Pittie to see what everyone else got from their Secret Santas! You should too!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!


Daniel, Emily, Turk, Rufus, and our not-so-little Red-Nosed Reindog, Ginger Rogers

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