Ginger was given an early Christmas present (or totally on time Hanukkah present) by the vet tonight when he said she could cast off her cone of shame!

Most of you know about the reason for the Cone of Shame (if not, read here), and while Ginger had graduated from the horrible hard plastic e-collar to the slightly-better-but-still-a-massive-cone-around-your-neck Comfy Cone, she wasn’t thrilled to be wearing either. She actually was so not thrilled to be wearing it that she made sure to let Daniel and I know about her lack of enthusiasm in the wee small hours of the morning.

This is her lack-of-excitement-for-Cone face…the noises and actions associated with this face were equally filled with piss-and-vinegar.

Luckily (for both her and for us), she is officially free of the Cone of Shame! We took her for a follow-up appointment with my vet (her stitches were done at the emergency animal hospital), and he said her stitches were coming along nicely and there was no reason to continue with the cone as long as she wasn’t trying to scratch her lacerations! She still is looking a bit worse for wear…but it could be worse.

Daniel is jokingly referring to her as Frankenstein due to her new “stitched together” look…

As far as Turk’s aggression is concerned, we are taking all of your suggestions (thank you!!) into consideration and have already incorporated a few of them into our repertoire. For instance, we started making Turk sit nicely while Ginger performs her tricks and give him treats just for sitting nicely and quietly. That has worked really well! Also, when we had a friend over last night to meet Ginger, I put Turk away in his crate for awhile so he wouldn’t get jealous of Ginger getting attention. They may never be best friends, but we want them to at least tolerate each other. We are trying to do the NILIF method but it is definitely hard to break old habits, namely withholding attention when the dogs demand it. I am so used to giving in! But we will not be deterred! Even if Ginger does constantly give me this face when I ignore her…

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