Hey guys! It’s me, Turk! Mama is painting some doors today (booooooring!) so she said I could blog. Since the squirrels are all hiding right now, I thought I would write about something else that is driving me nuts (ha ha, get it, squirrels…nuts…I crack myself up!). You see, us dogs can’t actually speak to humans…I know… it came as a shock to me, too. Since we can’t talk, we rely on nonverbal cues, like wiggling our butts to let you know we’re happy or bowing to let you know it’s time to play. My mama is getting her Master’s Degree in Communication, but sometimes she can’t understand my nonverbal cues at all.

Let me start at the begining. After receiving the Approach Pack from the Two Pitties in the City raffle for Levi, mama started making me wear it all over the house so I could get used to it and not think it was just a weird growth that appeared on my back from time to time.

After wearing it a couple times around the house, I was finally able to take my new pack out for a spin around the neighborhood. Mama says I walk better with the pack on, so she said from now on, I’ll always wear it on walks. Okay….so pack = walk time, right? Um….WRONG! The other day mama put my pack on and then made me wait for seventy bajillion hours 45 minutes before we actually went walking. For awhile I thought she’d forgotten about the walk altogether. That’s where my awesome nonverbal cues came in. But do you think mama was picking up what I was throwing down? That’s a big fat N-O-P-E.

It didn’t matter how hard I pointed my nose at the door or how big and sad my eyes were, mama made. me. wait. for. hours 45 minutes! Ugh. Luckily, I do know how to communicate verbally too…a little bit. So I harrumphed a couple times and she finally took me on a walk. Sheesh. Some people just aren’t good communicators!

XOXO, Turk

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