I’m baaaaaaaaaack! I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since my last blog post. I trust Turk was polite and remembered to blog about the things you suggested. You have no idea how nice it was for him to offer, but considering his lack of opposable thumbs, I wasn’t quite sure how he was going to do it…now Rufus is looking to get into the blogging game (although he expects to be paid for it – we’re still in negotiations) and maybe Ginger will do a post in the future, too? We’ll see. The blogging thing totally exhausted Turk, and so he’s currently asleep on the couch, muttering about “adding tags” and “my stellar blog stats.” Sigh.

Anyways, it’s Friday and I’m still in my post-final semi-coma, so I’ll leave you with this Sunday afternoon project I took on for my mom about a month ago. She had two beat up yellow chairs that she was using for her desk and that my dad was using for a place-to-leave-his-clothes in their master bedroom. I took them home with me this summer and finally got around to working on them on a Saturday that I decided to neglect homework and watch season one of Breaking Bad with Daniel instead.

Painting pants are a must whenever I get out the brush – it always manages to get everywhere!

Ginger “helped” me paint.

Ginger “helped” Daniel add padding to the seats.

A few hours of work and they went from zero to hero! We had the paint already from my mom’s dining room table revamp, so all we had to buy was the padding for the seat and the fabric (approximately $15). The fabric is actually indoor/outdoor fabric (like for deck furniture), so it should be really durable! I was psyched about how it turned out and my mom lurves it, so I think this was a success!

Have you given any furniture a makeover lately (with or without the “help” of your dogs)?

* This is my 200th post – can you believe it?! We have come a long way since THIS first post. Thanks for sticking with me and making this blog such a blast to write! *