Hey everybody! I’m Turk and I’m taking over my mama’s blog for awhile!

Mama is in the middle of preparing for something called “fin-uls.” I’m not sure what that is, but I know it means that mama looks at her computer a lot and lives in her pajamas. But that’s okay, I like to cuddle up with her on the couch and help her study. I also told her I’d take over the blog for awhile since she is always posting about my dumb foster sister, Ginger, and not showing enough of my handsome mug. She said “okay” and so today I am here to tell you about my new Ruffwear Approach Pack.

Awhile back, my mama told me we had to help some other pittie named Levi find his Super X-Ray vision because he’d lost it. My grandma gave Levi some of her awesome sweaters to raffle off and my mama gave some money to help, too. Because of this, we entered a raffle and mama won me my Approach Pack! She was so excited when it came in the mail and today, I got to wear it for the first time!

Don’t I look so good? Mama said it helps me to walk better and not pull so much on my leash. I like it because I get to help mama carry her keys and cell phone….I am a really good helper! Here’s another shot from the back, because I know you all like to get another shot of my stellar body…

Thanks to me, Levi found his X-Ray Vision and I got a cool back pack! Everybody wins! (Oh, I guess mama says I didn’t help Levi all by myself and lots and lots of other people helped too…ooops!)

Since I’m taking over the blog for awhile, my mama says it’s polite to ask you all what you want me to write about. Personally, I’d rather just write about my war with the squirrels in the backyard and how much I like bones, but she said you might not care about that. So, I guess I’ll take your suggestions…. but only because mama said so!

* Thanks to Two Pitties in the City for the awesome Approach Pack! We are so glad to have participated in Levi’s Fundraiser! *