I took Ginger to my friend Julie’s house the other day to play with her kids…

Pit Bulls used to be lovingly referred to as “Nanny Dogs” because of the way they protected children.  It’s hard to believe that pitties used to be adored and trusted with children, especially considering the monsters the media has made them out to be.  Ginger isn’t around kids very much but when she is, she is always so gentle – I jumped at the chance to see Ginger play with some kiddos and help to bring back the “nanny dog” name for pitties.

Julie’s daughter Kaitlyn immediately took to Ginger – laying on the ground and just staring at Ginger as if they were having some private conversation.

Maggie wasn’t quite so sure about Ginger at first but seemed to enjoy having someone chase her around the kitchen, and Ginger was happy to oblige!

Ginger had a blast with Kaitlyn and Maggie…hopefully they can have a play date again soon!

Does your pittie enjoying playing with children?

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