Ginger being returned sucks…there is no denying it. But in my attempt to be positive and look on the bright side, I feel pretty lucky. Ginger’s failed adopter, Carly, not only was up against a very tough to know about BSL in her township (BOO TOWNSHIPS!)  but she also realized once she got Ginger home that she just didn’t have time for a dog like she thought she did. So, she was returning Ginger but had all this dog stuff that she all of a sudden had no use for. So what did she do? She gave it to me! I am talking a brand-new large crate, a Kong Wobbler, several rope toys, a stuffy, a nice leash, and…..a Sirius Republic collar!

Ginger is sporting the “Heidi” collar and she looks gorgeous! Fun fact: when I was trying to decide what kind of “adopt me” collar to get Ginger a few months ago, I was debating between the “Heidi” and “Pink Flowers” (which is what I ultimately chose).

So now not only does Ginger have her “Adopt Me” collar to wear to adoption events…

But she can also wear the “Heidi” when she finally finds her forever home! Aleksandra started a tradition of sending her fosters off in a Sirius Republic collar and I think that is a nice tradition to adopt for my fosters!

If you haven’t checked out Sirius Republic, please do! The quality of their products is wonderful, the customer service is stellar, and they will embroider your pup’s name on the collar for just $8 (or will embroider “Adopt Me” for free for your fosters)! They also donate 20% of their profits to animal rescues across the country! Need I say more? Go check them out!

* Also, if Ginger seems like your kind of dog and you are interested in adopting her, please check out her info on Petfinder! *