First of all, I just want to say T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U. to those of you who left sweet comments for me yesterday when I blogged about Ginger being returned. I truly was heartbroken when I wrote that post and the sweet comments I received really helped me to pick myself back up and get back to the task at hand….which is finding Ginger her forever home.  Like Corbin’s mama told me, “when it gets really tough, when you think you’re about to cave – reach out to people you know and trust. Sometimes, that’s really what you need…Dog people.” So thank you to my dog people, you are awesome!

So, what better way to say thanks than to share some more cute doggies in sweaters?!

Our first official sweater order came from our friend Alex at Wiggling Worms and Wagging Tails for his pittie Fred:

Natasha wanted a sweater for her handsome pup Razer to match his Desert Camouflage Sirius Republic collar and another one to match her husband’s Marine uniform…

And last but not least, Melvin from Oh Melvin is looking dashing in his orange sweater…

If you are interested in a custom sweater of your own, please take a look at our Sweater Shop or email us at {}.