I was very hopeful about a recent applicant for Ginger and went so far as to even set up a two week trial adoption for her. Ginger moved to St. Louis for what was supposed to be two weeks…

Unfortunately, after four days, Ginger was returned to me on Sunday. It has nothing to with her behavior – her adopter gave her glowing reviews. It just turned out that when she looked into registering Ginger with the city, she found out that the township she lives in has a breed ban. Now, I know you might be thinking, “Um, Emily, how did you not check into that?!” Well, I did. I checked to see if St. Louis has a breed ban (it doesn’t). I had no idea that she lived in a township or that said township had BSL on the books. This adopter also checked for BSL in St. Louis (like I did) and checked with her apartment complex to verify she could have a pit bull mix dog. She got the okay from them and we thought everything was fine.

Once I found out the name of her township, I Googled it and had to dig very, very, very, veeeeery deep into the township’s site to find information about the ban. If the BSL wasn’t enough, the adopter also realized upon bringing Ginger home that she did not have adequate time to care for her like she had originally thought she could. So we met up between Kansas City and St. Louis and I got Ginger back. My besties De & Jo came with me for the ride…

I am heartbroken for Ginger to be returned again. I feel like a failure as a foster mama. How could I have not known to check if she lived in a township? What was I thinking adopting her out to a grad student knowing how crazy MY grad schedule is? But I can’t let myself get too down about this. I have to think positively. So…we got Ginger a Hound Gear “Adopt Me” vest to get her more exposure and I am thinking about getting Ginger some business cards from Moo Cards to pass out to people who express interest in her. Any more ideas?

So, I guess we are down but not out. The right family is out there for her – we just haven’t met them yet. So keep your fingers (or paws) crossed for us that we find them soon.

For those of you who foster, how do you deal with failed adoptions?