This weekend I traveled up to Chicago for a whirlwind bestie trip and my very first meeting with fellow bloggers from Two Pitties in the City, Yellow Brick Home, and In Black & White. I felt like I was meeting celebrities – especially when I met these two:

Mr. B and Ms. M were more adorable in person than in all the photos I’ve seen of them since I started reading their blog. A & E were pretty awesome too! I even got to drop in on their weekly Sociabulls walk at Montrose Harbor. In addition to Mr. B and Ms. M, I got to enjoy walking with a precious pack of pitties, including the magnificent Maize

Totally handsome Torre:

Dude-a-licous Dude:

Lovely Lola:

Jubilant Jack (from Yellow Brick Home)!

And last but not least, Loving Levi (or Super Levi, if you’re nasty)!

There were so many adorable dogs out on the walk and everyone seemed to really enjoy the beautiful views…

It was such a blast to be Sociabull for a day – thank you again to A & E (and Mr. B & Ms. M) for letting me walk with you all!