Well, maybe not remodel…but Daniel did work hard on that bathroom over the last month. Re-tiling the floor, painting the walls, and replacing a cracked toilet tank. With the help of his dad, Daniel was able to take our bathroom from this when we first moved in:

To this during the remodel:

Now, the final product:

Oh, and my contribution to the remodel? This cool piece I found at Mash Handmade in Westport. I framed it and we put it in the bathroom. It’s an explanation of how to make a tin can telephone.

We are really happy with how the bathroom turned out! Daniel was a superstar with the tiling and painting…he’ll be posting soon to explain how he did the tiling and to give you a budget breakdown. Oh, and we’re also thrilled to cross another item off our Goals list!

What remodel projects have you been up to lately?